• 353 Third Street, Jersey City, NJ, 07302, United States
Since January of 2018 I am the new business owner. Though new to the food and beverage industry, I am a practicing engineer besides being a food and wine aficionado. I fell instantly in love with the concept that Third & Vine had created. With the opportunity to steward this place for the years to come, myself and the team hope to further the theme of providing a unique dining and beverage experience with an emphasis on healthy, nutritious fare that leave patrons with a feeling of being nourished both body and soul.
Anthony Victor Lo Pinto is a classically trained Chef that has been at the stoves for 38 years. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America for Culinary Arts and B.C.C. for Hotel and Restaurant Management. At Third & Vine he has brought his passion for fresh seasonal creations to make Gourmet accessible ! 
Living in Jersey City since 2012 TJ Annese has spent 15+ years in hospitality and hopes the experience shows. He is able to piece together influences and techniques learned over the years to create an idea of his own. Homemade ingredients, innovative techniques, tried-and-true recipes formed over years, cocktail names flush with pop culture, and 13 years of bar banter experience to go along with it. Stop by for a cocktail like “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” or a “Puffy Shirt” with TJ and ask some questions about the drinks, you’re likely to learn something.